Spring Packet 2016

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May, 2016

To see, to throw away the flowers, to climb from stone to stone until he reached the hole, and to put his finger into it, was the work of a moment, and, to his delight, he finds that he has succeeded in stopping the flow of the water. This was all very well for a little while…

– The Little Hero of Haarlem, Harper’s Magazine, August 1850


It's like the more money we come across

The more problems we see

– The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Mase


Dear Neighbors,

It has been another busy year for your Board! Once again we’ve had to struggle to keep up with the emerging deferred maintenance issues while simultaneously we update and upgrade our operating and financial systems.  Like Han’s Brinker’s heroic boy who averted a disastrous flood by inserting his finger in the dyke, we successfully prevented a trickle of damage to our roads and facilities from becoming a disaster. Unfortunately, each time we do so, another hole immediately opens up.  A couple of years ago it was the near-collapse of the Trading Post, followed by the actual collapse of a culverts under Sunset Trail and Ridge Road.  And, like the lament in Biggie’s 1997 classic Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, even though we raised our taxes almost 10% last year to (finally) start catching up with some of our pressing deferred maintenance issues, more headaches emerged as we found out just how extensive some of these issues are.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems indeed.


I’m referring mainly to the roads here. After another long winter (it is after, even though Mom Nature seems playfully determined to keep the chill here with us well into April) we all have to dodge the new potholes that seem to show up in the spring like voracious mosquitoes.  We’ve seen the benefits of the switch to a paving fix for the worst stretches of our roads, and as I explained to last year, the bulk of our tax increase was aimed at getting us on a 10-year roads repair cycle to get ahead of the damage the roads incur from heavy usage. But, as I also explained, we (fortunately) found out via the Sunset and Ridge culvert collapses that we’re driving over many more imminent failures. I say “fortunately” because in the same way we were lucky to have undertaken the Trading Post repair before it collapsed – not knowing until we opened the walls how close to collapse the building was – if we’d repaired a significant portion of the roads before fixing the (badly) damaged culverts, the financial impact would have been horrendous. In effect we would have had to fix the same roads more than once.


In triage mode, we allocated $65,000 in last year’s budget to undertake a comprehensive cleaning and diagnostic review of all of the culverts under our roads.  We now have robust information about the state of our culverts, and to put it bluntly, they ain’t good.  Although a portion of the culverts are in acceptable (albeit not good) working condition, too many others are in imminent danger of collapse.  Based on the detail provided in the report (complete with ugly pictures of the culvert interiors) as well as the costs we’ve incurred to repair the collapsed culverts on both Sunset and a portion of Ridge Road, we estimate we may need to spend well over $200,000 in the coming years – just to repair only those culverts that are the most damaged!


(We also learned from the very clear pictures of the culvert interiors that many of our neighbors have elected to tap into our culverts, adding drains with indeterminate output into the culverts, which all drain into the lake.  I seriously hope that these are draining nothing more sinister than rainwater from gutters into the culverts and thus the lake. When we repair the culverts into which these drains have been flowing, you’re going to have to find an alternate solution for your drainage.)


Needless to say, this additional – but pressing – financial requirement requires some careful planning. We can’t ignore these problems and hope that they’ll go away, but neither can we raise taxes by double-digit percentages every year to solve all of these repair problems quickly.  Our plan this year is to use the remaining funds in the fiscal 2016 budget to repair each of the most damaged 12 culverts that cross the roads while we make some significant additional paving repairs.  Our 2017 plan increases the roads budget another 5% to repair a long stretch of badly damaged culvert under Ridge Road connecting to the recently repaired section, after which we’ll pave the entire section of Ridge under which the new culvert runs.  We also plan to chip-seal over a mile of our less heavily-traveled roads that also badly need some attention.  With this plan, we’ll be repairing culverts and also repairing as much road envisioned in our 10-year cycle with paving and chip-seal.  While it spans two fiscal years, the bulk of this work I’ve described above will begin before summer starts. It’s clear that we will need to build funding for culvert repairs into our roads budget for the foreseeable future.


Although the roads currently represent the worst and most obvious place where the costs of deferring maintenance are coming home to roost, you’ll also see a higher maintenance budget this year from Pat Johnson, as we need to undertake some significant stonework repairs around the Clubhouse, including a stone pillar that was destroyed by a car (do I have to say that no one claimed responsibility?). We also need to replace some well-used – ok, beaten up – furniture in the clubhouse.


On the governance front, I’d hoped to be able to tell you about the successful implementation of our new administration software from AssociationVoice during the year, but it turns out they airballed on the most important capability we required and they promised, namely, integration with our financial software. Gonzalo instead has selected a new website provider to modernize our website capabilities. Expect to hear more about this at the annual meeting.  


Despite all of these challenges, we’re still able to present a fiscally responsible budget to you this year.  I’ve been clear that our budget requires more funding in order to catch up with the maintenance and replacement capital spending that has been deferred too long.  But I’ve also been determined to make sure that we’re optimizing each dollar we spend, so that spending more on the roads and facilities doesn’t have to be met with a like-for-like increase in taxes each year.  Since I became president in 2013, our expenses have increased by over $100,000 on a run rate basis, which sounds like a lot – and it is.  But that boils down to a compound annual growth rate of ~10% per year, while our taxes have increased only by a compound average of 5%.  Instead of uncontrolled tax increases every year, we’ve been able to fund higher expenses with funds freed up by the repayment of the Clubhouse debt, along with the creation of our Capital Improvement Fund (which has built up a comfortable balance in case we incur even more unexpected facility repair work).  Another critical source of funding has come from the diligent work of our Clerk, Kevin Kovesci and our Office Administrator Karen Hanley.  Together, they have doggedly pursued and collected delinquent taxes and interest owed to the CITD, resulting in the collection of over $25,000 in the past year.  They have made sure that we now have a rigorous process for collecting all of the current and past due taxes that are owed to the Tax District. Lastly, we’ve maintained tight control over our other expenses.  


On the latter point, you’ll see that spending for security is lower this year as we’ve rolled back guard coverage of the beach during the summer night ours.  As we discussed last year, we’ve taken a hard look at how we manage security, and while we haven’t yet found a better way to improve security for significantly less money, in lieu of paying guards to man the beach area at night this summer, we’re planning to spend approximately $9000 this year to upgrade the hardware (cameras and recording media) covering the Isle entrance and common areas around the Clubhouse (a one-time expense that won’t recur next year).  We still want to hear your ideas around security at this year’s Annual Meeting. Should we simply pare back our security coverage and thus spending materially, to redirect tax dollars into roads repair? Should we consider alternatives such as automated gates at the entrance to the Isle, which would entail one-time costs but save considerable amounts of money thereafter? Or should we continue with current practices?  In my view security spending is the only line item we have in our budget where we can consider potential alternatives in that would allow us to redirect enough dollars elsewhere in the budget to make a material difference. There really isn’t any other place to cut back.   


You can see from my (long-winded) letter that we have a ton of work to do – notwithstanding some the Board’s most important accomplishments:

  • Renovation and refurbishment of the Trading Post

  • Implementation of dramatically improved accounting, auditing, and control processes

  • Collection of sizable dollar amounts of delinquent taxes

  • Establishment of a Capital Improvement Fund with increasing funds available for large capital projects

  • Analysis of and commitment to a sustainable roads upkeep program

  • Replacement of our antiquated website with a much better version (soon!)


However, in addition to what I’ve discussed above, we still have plenty to do:

  • Finalizing how we operate and pay for security

  • Ensuring that we have a sustainable long-term capital plan

  • Replacing aging trees in our common areas

  • Resurfacing the common area tennis and basketball courts

  • Ensuring Board governance continuity and stability


These items (and others that we don’t yet know about) will keep the Board busy for years to come, but these are big and impactful projects that as Isle residents we all should own, not just the Board.  I plan for this to be my last year as President of the Tax District. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the position; some of the more mundane tasks can be tedious, but I really enjoy rolling up my sleeves with my fellow Board members to find the best ways to fix things that are broken – especially the elements that are most important to maintaining and improving our quality of life on Candlewood Isle. I also feel like at times my day job in NYC keeps me from being able to devote as much time and attention to the Isle as it needs – which makes the devotion and diligence of my fellow Board members both a lifesaver and a treat.  I particularly want to thank Vivian Mocarski for her devoted service running our Junior Rec program over the last four years. Under Viv’s leadership, and along with Terry MacGown, our summer camp has flourished and become more successful than ever despite significant operational and business model challenges from the State.  Job well done, Viv (along with Terry and all the Ambassadors)! We’re glad to have Joan Archer rejoin the Board, stepping into Viv’s Junior Rec seat.  I also want to thank Nathan Archer for stepping up to take over the Treasurer’s position – our finances are in good hands.  We now need more of you to start attending meetings with us this year – not only to help us do all everything that needs to be done, but also become more familiar with how this all works.  I’m very focused on continuity and avoiding disruption when our current members step aside.  As for me, I’m hoping this will be my second-to-last letter you’ll have to read; next year I’m planning to step down to help Mike with the roads.  


Hope you all have a safe and happy summer 2016.  See you on the beach!



Dave MacGown


Tax District of Candlewood Isle






Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812


Dear Neighbors:


The following pages of your Spring Packet are the meeting notices for the Budget Meeting, the Annual Meeting and the scheduled dates for the 2016-17 Board meetings.  Please note that Board meetings will alternate between Saturday and Sunday mornings and are at the Trading Post, next to the post office.  All meetings are open to residents, and your participation is encouraged and input is always welcome.  To add an item to a meeting agenda, please email your request to clerk@candlewoodisle.com.  Notices and meeting minutes are displayed outside the post office and on the website under the “Public Notices” section.  A summary of Board Meetings can be read in the monthly newsletter in a section called “Updates from the Board”.  If you are not receiving the monthly newsletter, please contact office@candlewoodisle.com to update your contact information.


We are also happy to provide you with a downloadable version of this packet on the Candlewood Isle website.  The website’s home page calendar is populated with activities including Book Club meetings, Adult and Junior Recreation events, Camp dates, Mahjong, Bocci and important CLA events to name a few.  To have an event added to the calendar, please send your request to clerk@candlewoodisle.com.


If you have any questions about the budget, please attend the Budget Meeting on May 14th.  The Annual Meeting will be held two weeks later on May 28th.  Both meetings begin at 9:30 and will be held at the Clubhouse.  You must bring a photo ID to the Annual Meeting in order to vote.


If you are receiving your Spring Packet by mail, please consider receiving future year’s packet by email.  Please complete the following page and return it to the office.


If you need additional hardcopies of any program information, please contact Karen at the Candlewood Isle Tax District Office at (203)746-0220 or office@candlewoodisle.com.  Office hours are Mondays and Thursdays 12:30-2:30.



Kevin Kovesci, Clerk

Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812




I hereby request that the Candlewood Isle Tax District Spring Packet and Annual budget be sent to me via email.  By doing so, I understand that I waive my right to receive a copy of the Spring Packet and Annual Budget via US Postal Service.




My CI Address:____________________________________________________


Email Address:_____________________________________________________






Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812











The legal voters of the Tax District of Candlewood Isle, as defined in section 7-6 of the Connecticut General Statutes, revision of 1958 as amended, are hereby warned and notified that the Budget Hearing of the Tax District will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 9:30am at the Candlewood Isle Clubhouse for the following purpose:


To discuss and address resident questions regarding the 2016-17 Annual Budget, which will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on May 28th.


All residents are welcome to attend.


Board of Directors, The Tax District of Candlewood Isle


Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812










    The legal voters of the Tax District of Candlewood Isle, as defined in section 7-6 of the Connecticut General Statutes, revision of 1958 as amended, are hereby warned and notified that the Annual Meeting of the Tax District will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 9:30am at the Candlewood Isle Clubhouse for the following purpose:


1)    To hear a report by the President of the Tax District on the doings of said district.


2)    To vote on proposed budget and set the mill rate.


    3)    To elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Clerk and six (6) Directors for the ensuing         term.


4)    To listen to Board of Directors reports.


    5)    To do any and all things necessary or convenient in connection with the foregoing.





The Nominating Committee proposes the following Slate of Officers and Directors for the Tax District for the Fiscal Year of 2016/2017:  President: David MacGown;  Vice President:  Kim Cronin;  Treasurer: Nathan Archer;  Clerk:  Kevin Kovesci;  Directors (6) Joan Archer, John Glynn, Patrick Johnson, Tim Larkin, Mike Mocarski and Gonzalo Santos.


Board of Directors, The Tax District of Candlewood Isle


Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812

Candlewood Isle Tax District


Notice of Regular Meetings


2016 – 2017


Board Meetings


Saturday, June 18, 2016, 10:00 am

Sunday, July 17, 2016, 10:00 am

Saturday, August 20, 2016, 10:00 am

Sunday, September 18, 2016, 10:00 am

Saturday, October 15, 2016, 10:00 am

Sunday, November 20, 2016, 10:00 am

Saturday, December 17, 2016, 10:00 am

Sunday, January 15, 2017, 10:00 am

Saturday, February 18, 2017, 10:00 am

Sunday, March 19, 2017, 10:00 am

Saturday, April 15, 2017, 10:00 am

Sunday, May 21, 2017, 10:00 am


Budget Meeting

May 13, 2017


Annual Meeting

May 27, 2017


All Board meetings at the Trading Post, but subject to change with proper notice

The Budget Meeting and Annual Meeting are held at the Clubhouse


Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812


Proposed Maintenance Budget 2016-2017


1)     Spring cleaning & debris removal for: Guard house entrance, which includes tennis court area,     post office, traffic circle, Clubhouse grounds, basketball court area, property across from     Clubhouse, & property on Route 39. (Quality Maintenance) aka QM             $2,400        


2)    Approximately 26 mowing of Isle properties listed above and blowing off walk ways, courts and     parking areas. Plus, general pick-up of sticks/debris. QM                $5,820


3)    Trim hedges, fertilize plantings, weed control and mulch around Guard House,         

        traffic circle, and post office area.  QM                              $1,500        


4)    Causeway. Remove sand, trim rose bushes, fertilize & mulch. QM            $2,000


    5)    Basketball area. Trim shrubs, burn weeds in upper & lower parking areas, remove any trash         & debris, fertilize trees, shrubs & perennials &apply mulch.  QM              $1,900        


6)    Late season hedge trimming around guard house entrance.  QM            $440


7)    Clubhouse and playground areas. Trim and shape all hedges and bushes.                          

         General clean up and debris removal.  QM                        $880


8)    Causeway. Cut back overgrowth of vines, poison ivy, prickers, and weeds, etc. Trim and     shape     rose bushes. Debris removal.  QM                                 $620


9)    Burn weeds at the Bocci and main tennis courts and cut back and remove any bushes around     courts.  QM                                        $400


10)    Fall clean-up around Club House which includes, cutting back of perennials and tall grasses, clean     off roof and gutters, haul away debris.  QM                        $1,500


11)    Fall clean-up around Post office, Guard house, Tennis courts, Causeway, which includes, clean     inside and out of courts, parking areas, roof and gutters, trim bushes and cut back tall grasses.     Debris removal.  QM                                     $1,500


12)    Tree removal and replacement around Isle property.  TBD                  $5,000    


13)    Repointing of Clubhouse stone walls, and entryway steps.                 $1,500        


14)     Repair/repointing of Trading Post/Post Office walkways                $ 500


15)     Power washing of basketball and tennis courts                    $260        


16)    Playground sand relocation                                $130        


17)    Clubhouse window washing & outside light repair/preplacement            $600


18)    Spring/Fall planting/maintenance reimbursements                    $1,200     


19)    Ocon pest control around Trading Post and Post office                $680        

                                          Approximately        $28,830                 


Other: Romeo Morelli (plumbing), Summit Air Condition (air handler/AC units), Hat City

Paper (club house paper supplies), Hydro Technologies (water quality testing), Winter Brothers (garbage removal), A-Tech Communications (alarm & camera systems), Fire

Controls, The Maids, T. Palmer Septic, misc.                        $18,000

Total Maintenance Budget                                $46,830


2016-17 Proposal of Isle Utility bills


Include such services as phone lines, cable, electric, AC, heating oil, and natural gas for Isle; Street lamps, Clubhouse, Guard house, Salt shed, Trading Post, Post Office, and CITD Office (Eversource, Frontier, Charter Communications, Hoffman Fuel, Paraco Gas, Unite Alarm)                                                                $28,000


2016-17 Proposal of Isle Waterfront areas


Includes Spring set up of beach docks, boundary lines and markers, and removal of such in the fall (Harry T. Tucker), Lifeguard salaries, Weekend summer raking of beach sand/general clean up and winter snow removal from Club, House walk/entryways (Kevin Larkin), new beach sand, maintenance of seawall and steps.                              $35,600




Security Report


Dear Isle Residents,


As acting head of security for Candlewood Isle, I would like to inform you that again this year we will be retaining the services of SecurAmerica for our guard services. We have, on average, over 7,000 guests/contractors per month on Isle roads. With this incredible volume on our small roads, it is only with the help of our residents that the guard service can keep our community safe for all our families. We still will be doing the golf cart registration this year and the guards will have a list of the registered golf carts at the guard house. If the Isle residents see any unsafe actions from these golf carts, please report this, with their sticker number to the guards and this matter will be looked into promptly. As a reminder, the sticker on your windshield is our first line of defense and only family members who live on the Isle should have them. Relatives and guests should not have stickers and will continue to sign in at the guard house. Also, with hours increasing in the summer, we will get new guards from time to time.  Please make yourself known to them since this can only help make their job easier and the Isle more secure. Finally, if you have any other concerns regarding security on the Isle, please feel free to call me.                                                                                   


Wishing you all a safe, secure and happy summer.



                        Tim Larkin


Candlewood Isle 2016-2017 Security Budget


Secure America contract                            $64,000

at a rate of $ 15.80 per hr. for the 2016 -2017 year


United Alarm                                    $1,000

Fire system monitoring and maintenance and inspection.


Contingency line                                $2,500

camera repairs or extra hours, if needed and

also possible bonus for guards.


Total $ 67,500



  Technology  |  Candlewood Isle                                                                                .


Dear Neighbors,                                                                                                                  April 2016


Thankful for the mild winter. Now as the days get warmer, I look forward to seeing more smiling faces on the Isle.


CANDLEWOOD  ISLE  WEBSITE - After some issues with our initial vendor, we switched to Squarespace. A much more sophisticated platform with better design and implementation options. We can integrate our existing online payments and communications into their platform, along with our requirements for calendars, forms, and a directory. Another major advantage is a mobile version for phones and tablets. Watch for the new site.


SECURITY - I’ve been given the opportunity to work with Tim Larkin to review options to upgrade our technology and to see if there are possibilities to save money. As an overview, there are three technology scenarios that provide increasing degrees of security and cost. These options can be used individually or together.


High Resolution Cameras and Recording - Currently we have cameras that are older and don’t capture the amount of detail we need. New equipment would enable us to:

  • Record all vehicles coming in and out of the Isle with enough resolution to read license plates and identify occupants in all weather and lighting conditions day and night.

  • Save recordings from all cameras, including around the clubhouse, 24 hours / day, 7 days / week, for at least 30 days.

  • Allow the board or anyone we designate to view live and recorded footage remotely.

  • Optionally, a virtual guard could view the cameras during specific times or events.


License Plate Recognition - In addition to recording video with special cameras, this technology pulls license numbers off the video and matches to a database. This would allow us to flag specific plates and know they are on the Isle. The downside is this system adds more cost but doesn’t provide much actionable information prior to an issue arising.


Gated Security - This would require every vehicle that enters the Isle to be identified and allowed access via a gate. While this provides access prevention, it also involves a much higher commitment on the part of the residents, guests, vendors, and office staff. It is also much more expensive even though it could be offset by our existing budget for guards. This is an option we as a community will need to discuss if it is worth the investment. The biggest advantage is that it would provide 24-hour security every day of the year.


We will likely move forward with camera and recorder replacement, as that fits within our budget. We look forward to discussing the other security options at the annual meeting and at monthly board meetings.


Kind regards,

Gonzalo Santos


Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812




March 31, 2016


Dear Candlewood Isle Boaters & Golf Cart Owners:


The 2016 boating and golf cart season are here.  Attached please find the 2016 Marina and Golf Cart Applications which are due May 15, 2016. This letter will give you a summary of last year and what to expect this year.  


In 2015 the Candlewood Isle Marina Committee (CIMC) completed all the maintenance that needed to be done, i.e., replace anchors, chains, and moorings.  Most importantly the CIMC did so w/out going over budget and managed to have a surplus to get us started in 2016.  Although the year went pretty smoothly there were a few factors that the CIMC couldn’t help but take note of and address which we will get to later in this letter. Also, this past October when the docks were removed, the docks were individually placed separate from each other, instead of stacking them, in order that the Candlewood Isle Marina Committee (CIMC) could evaluate work required on each section & finger individually.  The CIMC identified thirty-two (32) floats that need to be repaired or replaced and we are in the process of addressing the floats now.  The CIMC also evaluated the maintenance needed on the docks and repairs will be completed in time to install docks.  Fortunately, this past winter wasn’t that severe and the Candlewood Isle Marinas at the Clubhouse and Tennis Courts survived the moderate winter of 2015-16.  Of more importance; the CIMC couldn’t help but notice that even though the moorings at Clubhouse Marina were paid for they were mostly vacant.  Furthermore, most of the boats that were on moorings were being seriously compromised by seagulls, w/the exception of a few very innovative people who were able to seagull-proof their boats.  As a result of the vacancies on the moorings the CIMC decided to ask First Light, the company that owns Candlewood Isle, permission to exchange moorings for slips because the Isle has precedence from a prior agreement and that the Candlewood Lake Shoreline Management Plan is much costlier and will take much more time.  That doesn’t mean that the CIMC won’t re-visit adding slips on the Isle where space might accommodate in the future but for now this makes the most sense.


In 2016 the CIMC had every intention of sending out marina applications out in early January 2016 but as a result of our decision; we have no choice but to postpone distribution because we were hopeful that we’d receive permission to do so.  As mentioned above the CIMC has been working continuously with First Light, the Candlewood Lake Authority (CLA), the Department of Environmental Development (DEEP), and the Federal Environmental Regulatory Commission (FERC) to exchange nineteen (19) moorings for boat slips and add “No Wake” buoys at the Clubhouse Marina.  At this point in time it doesn’t look like the CIMC will be able to secure permission to do so but will continue to make every effort possible to continue addressing this endeavor.  The good news is; IF we are successful and get permission to make the exchange we will have a ninety-nine (99) year lease and be able to take our time in planning for new docks, etc.  Also, in the event that the CIMC does receive permission to exchange moorings for boat slips the CIMC firmly believes that the cost of moving forward should also be the responsibility of the people/families on the waiting list & will charge those people/families a fee to do so as soon as permission is granted.  The fee is TBD but will be mandatory.  The CIMC also anticipates either raising fees or charging an assessment to fund new docks to existing occupants in 2017.  The CIMC is confident that those people/families that are current occupants or on the wait list will completely understand this requirement.


Due to the fact that we are waiting for permission to follow our endeavor the CIMC decided to move forward as before with the 2016 season.  The CIMC is happy to inform boaters that there will not be an increase in fees this year and that Marina Fund is in the black.  Marina Applications are due Monday May 16, 2016.  Docks will be installed Saturday May 14, 2016.  


Residents of Candlewood Isle are very fortunate to have the use of these two Marinas & Golf Carts.  At the same time, we are not very fortunate because there is very limited space.  Many residents are aware of the incredible demand for boat slips, moorings, and canoe racks at both the Clubhouse & Tennis Court Marinas.  In fact, the list is more than forty-five (45) people/families deep who would like to have a boat slip.  The Marina Committee is in the process of updating the current wait list and intends to have it posted on the Candlewood Isle website in the near future.


The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master, Marina/Golf Cart Committee, thanks the numerous volunteers who helped out w/the marinas (of which the list is too long to mention and you know who you are).


The Marina Committee will post boat slip assignments/waiting list, mooring assignments/waiting list, canoe rack assignments/waiting lists on the Candlewood Isle web site at www.candlewoodisle.com. You will also be able to download Marina applications off the home page.  If you wish to contact the Harbormaster or Marina Committee for routine requests or to add your name to any of the wait lists, please email John Glynn at isleharbormaster@charter.net.


The Marina/Golf Cart Committee requests boat slip, mooring, canoe rack occupants, and golf cart operators to continue to be courteous and consider their fellow neighbors.  Therefore; the best method in doing so is to clearly declare the Candlewood Isle Rules, Regulations, & acknowledgement by signing the attached waiver.


PLEASE NOTE:  Proof of Boat/Vessel ownership and insurance for Boat/Vessel and Golf Carts is mandatory.





John Glynn


Marina Committee Members

Pat Callahan, Tim Larkin, Gary Lupo, Brendan McCollam, Gordon Pascale, Gary Rome

2016 Candlewood Isle Marina/Golf Cart Rules, Regulations, & Waiver


The Candlewood Isle Marina Member listed as Name of Owner on the 2016 Marina Use Application understands and agrees to the following:


1.    The Tax District of Candlewood Isle, its properties, officers, directors, agents, servants, employees and volunteers will be identified as “District”, Marina Properties will be identified as “Marina”, Marina/Golf Cart Members will be identified as “Members”, and the Candlewood Isle Association will be identified as “Association” in this document.


2.    As in the past, Members who are CITD tax payers and Grandfathered families who are in good standing and had a boat in a Marina boat slip or on Marina mooring last year will have a right to reserve their same slip or mooring for 2016. Note the Grandfather families’ status is only applicable assuming continuous years of use.  If the existing grandfathered families do not use their boat slip for a year or more they forfeit their grandfathered status.


3.    In the event that the Member changes the boat identified on the Marina Use Application, the Member is responsible for providing the Harbormaster with a new 2016 Marina Use Application.


4.    Any Marina boat slip, mooring, and/or canoe rack applied for and not paid for by Monday May 16, 2016 will be released to the waiting list.


5.    In order for an application for a boat slip, mooring, or canoe rack to be accepted, all Candlewood Isle taxes must be paid in full and up-to-date.


6.    All applications must be accompanied by a copy of a current (2016) boat registration matching the name of Member if available.  In the event you haven’t registered your boat yet; your 2015 boat registration will be acceptable but, you must provide a current boat registration by May 16, 2016.


7.    All boats must be sea worthy & golf carts must adhere to all requirements.


8.    Boat slips/moorings/canoe racks are not transferrable and can only be occupied by the boat/vessel on marina application.


9.    All boat slips/moorings/canoe rack must be occupied by the boat listed on Marina Application.


10.    Failure to occupy assigned boat slip with the boat on Marina application by July 1, 2016 will result in forfeiture of boat slip, being placed on end of wait list, and will be released to next person on the wait list.


11.    Marina rules are one boat slip per tax payer.  In the event you have more than one boat; moorings are available to harbor a second boat/vessel.  Moorings are based on availability.


12.    The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master and Marina Committee reserve the right to reassign boat slips and moorings at their discretion.


13.    All usage shall be in accordance with the rules of the Tax District of Candlewood Isle as approved by its Board of Directors.


14.    All boats must be removed from boat slips and moorings by October 12th, 2016 or earlier if posted.


15.    The Marina Committee maintains a waiting list for boat slips, moorings, & boat racks. The list is operated on a first come, first served basis, and can be viewed on Isle website.


16.    The “Day Docks” at both Marinas are to be used for drop off & pick up for a tax payer and/or guest of a tax payer. Overnight occupancy must be approved by Harbor Master w/a prior request for reservation to do so. Unauthorized boats will be removed.


17.    Failure to comply with any of the above listed By-Laws will result in immediate forfeiture of boat slip, and/or mooring, and/or canoe rack.


18.    Life Guards are not on duty at Marinas. Swimming in any Marina is prohibited.


19.    Priority for assigning boat slips will be given first to CITD tax payers followed by Candlewood Isle renters, based on availability.  As of January 1, 2011, any existing renter will be considered as “Grandfathered” to occupy and renew their boat slip from the prior season.  All boat slip leases must abide by Marina Rules or face expulsion.


20.    The size limit of all boats in Marina boat slips & moorings is twenty six (26) feet.  The size limit for vessels stored in canoe racks is sixteen (16) feet.


21.    All applications must be accompanied by proof of Liability and Property Damage Loss Insurance w/a/minimum liability of $300,000.


22.    Each Member agrees that he/she shall be responsible for securing their vessel, is liable for any damage he/she may cause to other boats or Marina/ District property, including docks, moorings, and boat racks.


23.    The District/Marina/Association is not liable for claims or damage to the marina members, or their agents, or their guests, person or property resulting from the Member’s activities, use or occupation of the District/Marina’s docks, slips, moorings, boat racks, or property.


24.    The District/Marina/Association does not provide security for Members, the District/Marina/Association Property, docks, slips, moorings, or boat racks.  The Member assumes all risk of usage of Marina/District/Association Property and releases and waives any actions, claims, damages, liabilities, or responsibilities by or against the District.


25.    In the case of an emergency, the District/Marina shall determine what constitutes an “emergency”.  If the Member is not available or cannot be immediately contacted, or not prompt in response, the Marina/District is authorized to move the subject boat.  Note the District/Marina is under no obligation to provide the service.  Any cost, disbursements or expenses incurred by the District/Marina shall be solely at the Member’s expense which he/she shall pay promptly.

Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812








DOCK SLIP        $500

MOORING        $250

BOAT RACK        $125


Please indicate your preference of location

(   )    Dock Slip    

(   )    Mooring

(   )    Boat Rack




Please provide the following information completely, sign the reverse side of this application and return with full payment of fees by check to the address above (checks are to be made payable to the ‘CANDLEWOOD ISLE TAX DISTRICT’). You may not use the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities until your application and payment-in-full has been received by the Harbormaster. It is the responsibility of the Marina Member to notify Harbor Master of any changes to contact information.


Name(s) of Owner(s)_______________________________________________________


Telephone (Isle) _____________________ (Other) ______________________________


Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) ____________________________                                                                    


Other Address ____________________________________________________________


Email Address ____________________________________________________________


Type        Make            Length    Width    Color           Reg. #


(  ) Power        ________________    _____    _____    ________    ______________


(  ) Sail        ________________    _____    _____     ________    ______________


(  ) Other        ________________    _____    _____     ________    ______________


(  ) Pontoon    ________________    _____    _____    ________    ______________


*All vessels must have current valid registration and proof of Liability and Property Damage/Loss or their slips and/or moorings will be released to the waiting list.

Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812








2016 GOLF CART FEE = $5.00




Please provide the following information completely, sign the reverse side of this application and return with full payment of fee by check to the address above (checks are to be made payable to the ‘CANDLEWOOD ISLE TAX DISTRICT’). You may not operate a Golf Cart on Candlewood Isle property and facilities until your Registration Form and payment-in-full has been received by the Golf Cart Committee.  All Registration Forms will be due May 16, 2016.


Name(s) of Owner(s) ____________________________________________________


Telephone (Isle) _________________ (Other) ________________________________


Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) _________________________                                                                    


Email Address __________________________________________________________


Type             Make        Color           

(   ) Gas        ____________        ___________          

(   ) Electric    ____________             ___________           

(   ) Other    ____________             ___________             

Sticker #       ____________           (Completed by Clerk if New Registration)




Candlewood Isle Golf Cart Committee

2016 Golf Cart Rules & Regulations


Per Ordinance of #5 of Candlewood Isle By-Laws the following are the requirements of the Candlewood Isle Golf Cart Committee:


1.    The committee requires Golf Cart Owners to provide proof of insurance; either added to homeowners or auto liability, specifically naming the “Tax District of Candlewood Isle”, “Candlewood Isle Marina”, and the “Candlewood Isle Association” as an “Additional Insured”.  The “Marina” has been advised to follow CT State Law which is a 20-40-10 minimum.

2.    All Golf Carts must be registered to the Candlewood Isle Clerk and receive a sticker.

3.    Only licensed drivers may operate a Golf Cart.

4.    Sticker programs on left rear replaced annually; will include phone number on sticker.

5.    Golf Carts must have headlights, horn, taillights and/or reflectors.

6.    The Committee will post a sign at Guard House, P.O. Boxes and Club house to call 746-2130 to report unregistered Golf Carts, unsafe operations & speeding.

7.    The Committee will post a list of registered Golf Carts at the Guard House.

8.    No headlights = no nights; if golf cart doesn’t have lights it can’t be operated at night.

9.    In the event you are renewing your Golf Cart registration the current sticker on your cart is valid.  Please be sure to include the sticker # in your application.  New Golf Cart registrants will be issued a new sticker.

10.    Golf Cart Rules to be enforced by Isle Security MGC.

11.    Golf Cart Capacity is limited to the available seating on each respective Golf Cart.

12.    Golf Cart Committee will produce a sign that reads “When Driving a Golf Cart please use courtesy and common sense always.” Signs will be posted at the beginning of Lake Drive North & South, Clubhouse, and intersection of Lake Drive South and Hemlock Trail.

13.    Failure to comply with Golf Cart Regulations will result in forfeiture of the use of Candlewood Isle Amenities, i.e., community events, adult and junior recreation, tennis, marina & children’s programs.


Golf Cart Owner’s Signature    ______________________________________________  


            Date    ____________





I, the undersigned Marina/Golf Cart Member, agree that my use and occupation of the Candlewood Isle Marina/Candlewood Isle Tax District/Candlewood Isle Association Property, roads, docks, slips, moorings, and boat racks is a “license” only.  I have read and agree to the rules and regulation of the Marina and Golf Cart Rules.


I agree that I, as a Marina Member/Golf Cart Member, including my family, agents and guests (“I”), am responsible for use of the District/Marina/Association property.  I assume all risk of responsibility.  I agree the District/Marina/Association is not responsible for my personal injury, loss or damage to District/Marina/Association property, boats, canoes, equipment or properties of mine of my family, agents or guests, nor for any cost, claims, damages, demands, liabilities or responsibilities, arising out of, caused by or occurring from our use, activities or occupation of the Marina/District Properties.


I agree for myself, my heirs, successors and assigns, (collectively “I” or “My”), and do hereby hold the Candlewood Isle Marina, Tax District of Candlewood Isle and the Candlewood Isle Association, its officers, directors, committees, and agencies, and their agents servants, employees and volunteers (hereinafter referred to as “Licensors”), free and harmless from any and all actions, claims, damages, demands, liabilities or obligations, known or unknown that I have or may have or which may hereafter accrue or occur or threatened, for liability, bodily injury or property damage arising out of, resulting from or claimed as a result of my acts, negligence, omissions, use and occupation of, or my presence, of or on Marina Properties/District Properties/Association Properties (collectively “Claims”).  I agree for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, to compensate, indemnify and pay to Licensors, all cost, claims, demands, damages, losses or expenses, including attorney fees and disbursements, incurred or obligated by the District/Marina/Association associated with any Claims or Threatened Claims, including but not limited to cost of defense, resolution or settlement, or judgment in connection therewith.


This Agreement is binding on myself, as a Marina/Golf Cart Member, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.



2016 Candlewood Isle Marina/Golf Cart Member Signature



Print Name of Marina/Golf Cart Member



Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812




June 27 - August 5th; M-F, No Program July 4th

Ages 5-14: Mornings: 9am-12pm; Afternoons: 1pm-4pm

Tots: 9am-12:00pm

Orientation June 26th

Please visit our website for updates



Mission - The Candlewood Isle Summer Program offers a safe and fun outdoor experience on Candlewood Lake for the Candlewood Isle youth. Our Summer Program offers a family tradition of fun outdoor activities, such as tennis, swimming, sailing, canoeing, dance, art and many more. As the children (ages 3-14) grow out of the program, they are offered opportunities to work as counselors, where they learn "best job practices" which they will be able to apply in their future jobs. The Summer Program envisions that all children create fond memories growing up in the Candlewood Isle community and that they keep the family traditions going for generations to come.


Ambassadors’ Mission - To offer a safe and fun environment where the Candlewood Isle residents and friends will create fond memories of Candlewood Isle & the lake. To be the supporters, communicators and liaisons between the program managers and the parents. To aid and support our Candlewood Isle Community. We are ambassadors (authorized representatives and messengers) to the Candlewood Isle Community.


THE JUNIOR RECREATION AMBASSADORS have been preparing for the exciting 2016 Candlewood Isle Summer Program, which promises to be full of memorable moments for the youth of our community. Please take the time to review the following information about our six-weeks program. Throughout the winter our core Ambassadors have been working very hard to plan a safe and fun program for our Candlewood Isle Community. Our program is non-profit organization, self-sustaining program and strives to offer our community a safe and fun program where our kids will be busy during 6 weeks of the summer. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer this experience to our kids. The 2016 Program will begin on Monday, June 27th and end on Friday, August 5th. On Monday, July 4th there will be no Program in observance of Independence Day.


OUR DIRECTORS...We look forward to having Shannon Larkin as our new Director this summer. Shannon grew up on Candlewood Isle, attended the summer program and also worked as a counselor in the program for many years. Shannon brings 6 years of experience as a school teacher and currently works as a Preschool teacher in New Milford, CT. We are lucky to have Shannon’s experience and love of the Isle as part of our staff.


We are very excited to have Brittany Pfeifer returning to continue leading the Tot’s Program this summer. This is Brittany’s 3rd summer running the Tot’s Program.


MORE FUN...This summer, the children will continue to experience the time-tested traditions that generations of Isle youth have relished over the years such as tennis, led by our new Tennis Coach, Brian Harkins. Brian is a sophomore in Scranton University, where he plays tennis. He was highly recommended by Liam, our previous Tennis Coach. Brian also played tennis for the New Fairfield High School, where his mom is the assistant athletic director.


Please remember that our site is bordered on three sides by water. Our swim program is designed to strengthen the children’s swimming abilities and build confidence in the water. Our Ambassadors feel strongly that swimming is a survival skill that we must teach our children. Swimming lessons will continue to be prioritized by our staff. Our swim staff teaches the children in a group environment, but parents can make arrangements for individual lessons with staff AFTER HOURS for additional fees. We welcome Bryan Stroh and Eddie Shinar back as our swim coaches this summer!


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE WEEK!! “Adventure Bound” will be returning on July 5th.  This is a fun activity for everyone and they come to us! Adventure Bound will provide our campers with Water Slides and create a Beach Party of Fun adventures for our campers to do.


Our annual Splashdown trip will be included in the 4th week for all 6s and up. Senior trips will be offered to our 12’s and up. Water sports – Lakeside and Stand Up Paddle - are back and being offered to our 8s and up. Additionally, the pride-of-the-Isle swim meets returns, along with the talent show, art, games, canoeing and more!

The Activities this year are continued to be included as a "mandatory weekly fee" per group. In order to organize the activities ahead of time and to keep the fees as low as possible. To view a list of activities per group, please visit: PROGRAM ACTIVITIES, under our Candlewood Isle website in the camp program.  


For those who do not want to participate on the activity, we still have to charge the "mandatory weekly activity fee". If you have any questions, please email Vivian or Joan at: junior@candlewoodisle.com. This summer our Seniors will be able to participate in a fun Triathlon on the last week of camp. (More info to come on this free of charge activity).


2016 will be another summer of fun and loving memories!


REGISTER ON-LINE...We continue to use UltraCamp for registration! All residents must be registered no later than June 1st. We also continue to offer a payment plan for your convenience. Please continue reading the following for registration information, details and prices. ALL REGISTRATIONS NEED TO HAVE A CANDLEWOOD ISLE ADDRESS.


Resident/Family/Live-in Guest Registration: This year registration was sent by email only. If you did not receive an email, and would like to register your child, or grandchild, please reach out to junior@candlewoodisle.com. Please make sure your UltraCamp email address from last year is accurate. If you forgot your username and/or password, please contact Karen Hanley in the Tax District office or the junior email address. Residents can register between April 15th and June 1st.  Rental residents must have their rental car stickers and send their lease contracts to the office before Memorial day weekend and before registering for the summer program. No summer program rental registrations will be accepted after that weekend. When you register online, UltraCamp will generate an email with the amount you owe. Please print it out and mail a check to the office. No credit cards please. All taxes must be paid before you can register and all residents must have their green car registration sticker. We are accepting payments in full or 3 post-dated checks: May 1, June 1 and July 1. All checks must be received by June 1st in order to avoid a late fee of $100.


REGISTRATION OPTIONS ARE ONLY: 1 day (Registration for 1 day will open May 1st), 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks.  


Once you have registered please look out for updates and reminders as we get closer to the start of the Summer Program to help your family prepare for a great summer.


SPONSORING A FAMILY? Upon evaluating the growing number of sponsored participants, the Ambassadors have determined that the Program for ages 5-14 is unable to accept new sponsors again this year. We will only accept families that were sponsored last summer. We welcome new sponsored children this year only in the tots program. See pricing and dates for details. If sponsoring a family, please ask for the sponsor waiver form from Karen, at office@candlewoodisle.com, and use the CI address from the family sponsoring when registering, there will be an option to add the “sponsored family address”. The Board allows Isle families the privilege of sponsoring trusted friends to enjoy the program with their families as long as this privilege does not negatively affect Isle residents. The sponsoring residents are responsible for their sponsored children and need to fill out the sponsor waiver forms located on our website. We will be sending sponsor registration information to all the families that sponsored last summer by May 15. The sponsored family will be able to register online from June 1st – June 15th. We cannot accept sponsors after June 15th, nor sponsor registrations without signed paperwork from both the Isle and off-Isle sponsored parties.  


“LIVE-IN GUESTS” & “FAMILY” are not sponsored families. The Live-in guest must be living in your resident and signed up under your resident UC account. Please don’t misuse this privilege so that we don’t ruin it for those family and friends that would like to have a fun day at our summer program with their good friends and/or cousins.


COUNSELOR IN TRAINING: CITs must turn 15 before September 1st. You can register your CIT the same way you would register for the program, select the CIT group and any week or weeks that they will be training. CITs will be offered the opportunity to help our counselors and specialists and receive on the job training as they rotate throughout all the younger groups 5-10. Please understand that we try to keep this group busy and teach the skills that will later be applied to a possible counselor position and/or a community service volunteer position. All CITs are given feedback throughout their CIT weeks by their director, captains and our staff ambassadors. CITs are not guaranteed a future position. At the end of the summer, CITs are evaluated by their co-workers, the director and the parents. All CITs will be offered an interview by our Ambassadors before being considered for a staff position – REMEMBER SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.





Register or make changes before June 1st to avoid a $100 late fee



6 Weeks – 1st Child $900     Add'l Child - $840

4 Weeks – 1st Child $800     Add’l Child - $750

1 Week – 1st Child $300      Add’l Child - $300



6 Weeks – 1st Child $625.00

4 Weeks – 1st Child $550.00

1 Week – 1st Child $260.00



Register or make changes before June 15 to avoid a $100 late fee



6 Weeks – 1st Child $1150

4 Weeks – 1st Child $1050

1 Week – 1st Child $500



6 Weeks – 1st Child $780.00

4 Weeks – 1st Child $700.00

1 Week – 1st Child $340.00


Have a friend in town for a day or two?

We are offering a daily price of $60 per day. Daily participants must register at least one week in advance and provide us with a hard copy of a doctor signed Health & Immunization Form.






PAYMENT PLAN - We continue to offer a payment plan system or payment in full. Once registered within the UltraCamp system, you will be sent an email for the total amount owed. If you would like to use the payment system, simply divide that total due by 3, and send in 3 post-dated checks of equal amounts, dated for 4/15, 5/15 & 6/15. If you are paying all in full, payment must be received by June 15. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY CHECK TO ” Candlewood Isle Tax District” or through our online payment Bill.com


HARD COPY HEALTH FORMS ARE DUE BY JUNE 1st. Although the on-line registration process asks all the necessary Health Questions, we DO REQUIRE a HARDCOPY of a Doctor signed Connecticut (or the state the child resides) Health & Immunization Form. No child will be allowed to attend the Program without this form!! This form will be emailed to you upon completion of registration.



CI TAX DISTRICT OFFICE - Junior Rec – Candlewood Isle Summer Program

PO Box 380 CI

New Fairfield, CT 06812


SPONSORING FAMILIES: You can register sponsored children beginning June 1st. Payment for sponsors must be received by June 15th. Residents, if you sponsor a child, please make sure that the child is picked up on time. If a non-resident has a walking slip he will be the responsibility of the sponsoring resident. No sponsor child will be able to register without the waiver form signed by both, the sponsoring CI family’ and the Sponsored family.



After Registering through UltraCamp, you should see...

All weeks & activities that you signed up for each child will be added to the checkout.  You will see the INITIAL TOTAL which does NOT YET include the discounted pricing below.   

Once in the “Check out” you will see the discounted price.

you can then print the “Print Statement” and mail it with the payment, or pay via Bill.com


If you can’t register online: Call the Tax District Office at (203) 746-0220 and ask for Karen.  Office hours are Monday and Thursday from 12:30am - 2:30pm







Swimming, Games, Movement, Art, Canoeing, Fishing, Volleyball, Beach Tennis & More.



Fun Day, Color Wars, Sailing Regattas, ever-loved Dodge Ball, Scavenger Hunts, Knolls Day, Talent Show, and Adventure Bound Day. Waterpark trip to Splashdown for 6’s and up.



Water Skiing - 8 and ups only

Paddleboarding - 8 and ups only



FOR OUR SENIORS (12-14) ...

This year our Seniors will have a lots of fun trips. The Core Seniors schedule will include in an extra session of swim, tennis, art, games, movement, art projects This summer, we will be offering our seniors a trip to the GRAND PRIX GO KART RACES! And we will continue to offer trips to Brownstone, Splashdown, Kent Falls and Lake Compounce.



Our CI Security Company is offering CPR courses for a $20 fee to all the CITs and Staff members. The days are TBD. If any of the CITs are interested, please notify Danyelle Connors through campemployees@candlewoodisle.com this opportunity is being offered to the CITs as first come, first serve basis, so if interested let Danyelle know asap before spaces fill up.





STAFFING: Summer positions are filled, however, we are always taking applications. If anyone is interested in applying for a position, please email campemployees@candlewoodisle.com. All employees will be required to be CPR Certified. CIT’s must turn 15 prior to the start of the program.

14 year olds turning 15 before September, have a choice of working as a CIT for 2 yrs. or

experiencing the “Last year of camp” with the new and improved activities offered.



PLACING AN AD IN THE DIRECTORY: If you would like to place a Personal Ad in the 2016 Candlewood Isle Directory, please visit our website: candlewoodisle.com, and select the “Directory Ads” under listings.  If you need to make changes or additions to the directory or if you have any questions, or prefer to use email, please contact Jen Rowell at directory@candlewoodisle.com. All proceeds directly support the Children’s Program. All ad payments must be submitted by June 1st. If you can’t send an email, call (203) 545-8005 and ask for Jennifer Rowell




Directory volunteers are working closely with the Tax District to keep an accurate resident list in the directory. If you do not want to be included in the directory, please let us know by calling the office phone number or emailing Jen at directory@candlewoodisle.com



THANK YOU TO OUR CORE AMBASSADORS FOR 2016…Lisa Al-Agha, Joan Archer, Danyelle Connors, April Forte, Patrick Johnson, Terry MacGown, Vivian Mocarski, Allison Mooney, Nancy Walsh; OUR DIRECTORY AMBASSADORS: Jen Rowell, Christine Logiudice, our directory artist Suzie Brand; AND OUR SUMMER AMBASSADORS FOR 2016… Andrea Callahan, Pat Dellavalle, Christine Castellano, Maureen Kenna, Veronica Rubio, Amita Schultes and Nancy Walsh

For Web related issues, please contact our Tech board member: Gonzalo Santos at tech@candlewoodisle.com

To join our ambassadors group please contact Vivian or Joan at: junior@candlewoodisle.com


Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812


Candlewood Isle Tennis 2016


Welcome to another season of fun on Candlewood Isle!  As we all know, part of that fun is enjoying all this great lake community has to offer.  We hope that we have all last year’s members coming back, and many new members are planning on joining Tennis.  


It was a mild winter and we know people will be out playing on the courts soon.  There is work already scheduled to repair and clean the courts to get ready for Memorial Day weekend.  These repairs are quite expensive and that is why the rates went up slightly last year, but will remain the same this year.  Court One, (By Carlson’s Court) has peeled up in spots so be careful playing prior to the repairs.


Any tennis members can host events such as tennis mixers -- feel free to do so.


Please remember that the lights have to be off by 11:00 pm.  Also, no lessons should be scheduled on the courts prior to 1:00 pm as it is distracting to other members who are playing to have lessons going on next to their game.  


Please remember to lock the courts when you leave.


After your payment is received and processed in the C.I. office, there will be a key left for you at the guardhouse starting about May 20, 2016.


Get out there and play!


Pat and Andrea Callahan


Candlewood Isle Tennis Application 2016


Tennis membership is restricted to household members of taxpayers of Candlewood Isle who are 16 years of age or older as of July 1, 2016.   Fees are for the use of the tennis courts located near the guardhouse.  The Clubhouse Court is open to household members of all taxpayers at no cost!


Fee Schedule:        


$125 for each adult age 18 years & older

$75 for each teen age 16 & 17 years of age

$25 for each junior membership (Children ages 11-15)


Name of each adult member     ________________________________________


Name of each teen member     ________________________________________


Name of each Jr. member    ________________________________________


Isle Address            ________________________________________


Telephone numbers – Isle    ____________________Other _______________


Primary E-Mail Address        ________________________________________


Total Fees Enclosed        $______________


Please make checks payable to:  The Tax District of Candlewood Isle & mail them along with the application to – Tennis Membership, PO Box 380 – CI, New Fairfield, CT  06812 – Thank you!  THE TAX DISTRICT MUST RECEIVE ALL FEES BY MAY 27, 2016, IN ORDER TO CONTINUE TENNIS MEMBERSHIPS


We welcome any suggestions & comments relating to the program!

Tax District of Candlewood Isle
P.O. Box 380, Candlewood Isle                            
New Fairfield, CT 06812


2016 Adult Recreation


This summer’s Adult Recreation calendar coordinates with Junior Recreation, with the goal of an enjoyable social season for residents of all ages.  We look forward to a memorable summer of 2016.


*Junior Rec event

** Adults Only, please


Saturday, May 28        Cocktails on the Beach**

Sunday, July 3            Independence Day Family Event            

Saturday, July 9            Rockin’ Cocktails**

Friday, July 22            Isle/Knolls Golf Outing**                

Sunday, July 31            Family Fun Run/Brunch*

Thursday, August 4        Ladies’ Night**        

Friday, August 5            Camp Awards/Show*    

Saturday, August 13        Isle Jammin’ **

Sunday, September 4        Labor Day Family Event


Year-round Programs including Mah-Jongg, Bocce, Book Club, Yoga and Movie Nights will continue throughout the summer on modified Summer Schedules.  Please look out for details on all Isle events in the Newsletter, at the Post Office or on the website calendar.


Volunteers are needed to share ideas and share the work for these events.  If you would like to get involved please contact adultrec@candlewoodisle.com.