Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2015

Trading Post





Board Members/Officers Present: David MacGown, President;  Mike Mocarski, Roads;  John Glynn, Marina; Vivian Mocarski, Junior Recreation.


Board Members/Officers Absent:  Kim Cronin, Vice President;  Nathan Archer, Treasurer;  Kevin Kovesci, Clerk; Pat Johnson, Maintenance; Gonzalo Santos, Technology; Tim Larkin, Security.



Public Present:  Terry MacGown, Bob Miller, John Cotumaccio




President, David MacGown called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.




John motioned to approve the August 16th Board Meeting minutes. Mike seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.




There was no public discussion




The following report was presented by Nathan in advance.


Account Balances as of 8/31/15;

Cash on hand - $ 600,883.26

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $ 316,891.05

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $ 162,820.62

Taxes to be collected from previous years - $ 31,833.51

General Fund Balance: $476,508.68


Committee Balances as of 8/31/15:

Junior Rec - $61,371.43

Marina – $46,965.22

Tennis - $6,428.96

Adult Rec – $3,766.20

Bocce - $120

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86


In advance of the meeting, Kevin provided the Board with a report of the collection process for past years’ delinquencies.  When the project began, there were 30 residents with a tax delinquency.  As of the meeting, there are only seven residents who owe for past years’ taxes.  The following is an update on those seven accounts:


Kevin reported that the State Marshall is serving a tax foreclosure notice on 28 Ridge and 16 LDS.

33 Ridge is hoping to be able to pay off the balance in the next few weeks.  10 LDS made a substantial payment of $8,000 and has promised to make additional payments.  58 LDS is complying with their payment plan.  29 Sunset Trail filed Bankruptcy, and short sale attempts have occurred. A closing is imminent and full payment will be received at the closing.  11 Fox Run was subject to a tax sale by the Town of New Fairfield in May.  The CITD will be paid when the sale closes. 


Nathan reported that there has been a delay in completing the 2014 audit.  Nathan also reported that he is awaiting the results of the Workman’s comp audit.


In an effort to speed the approval process, Nathan suggests that any Board members who expect large expenditures submit proposals to the Board in advance of the expenditure.




Patrick presented the following report in advance.


Beach is officially closed for the summer and there are no lifeguards on duty, which means swim at your own risk.  Downstairs bathrooms can be accessed via checking out the lifeguard room key from our security guard.  Doing so makes that person(s) responsible for any chairs that leave the lifeguard room as well as any damage done to chairs and/or lifeguard room and bathrooms. 


Beach chairs will be replaced as needed.


Patrick will schedule seawall repair and repointing as well as having the hand railing to the south of the guard chair replaced during the fall season. 


The white fence along waterfront will be repainted in spring 2016 and most of the split rail will be replaced in the spring as well.


Patrick asked residents to be mindful and pick up trash when leaving the waterfront area.  Residents who allow their dogs to wander the waterfront are asked to pick up after their dogs..


One last note, while the swim docks and boundary swim lines are still in place, please do not fish on or near them. 




Patrick will be asking Chatterton to cover the sailboats before winter.


Bonuses have been determined, but will not be sent until the budget has been balanced.


By November, Junior Recreation will be deciding who will be the Camp Director for next Summer.


Mike motioned and John seconded to accept the report of Junior Recreation.  The motion was passed without dissent.




Tim presented the following report in advance.


There have been no security calls in the last month. 


Guards begin winter hours on November 1st.  As a result, residents are asked to report anything unusual to Tim. 


David reminded Tim and Gonzalo to meet to discuss security options to that they are prepared to present alternatives at the Annual meeting.




Patrick provided the following report in advance of the meeting.


Patrick thanked Tom Russano for refinishing the surface of the bar in the clubhouse.


Progress is being made with repairs in and around the clubhouse as well as the basketball fence. 


Nothing could be done to keep the grass alive and green during the prolonged period of heat and lack of rain, but many thanks to Kathy Oshan for maintaining the flower pots and boxes at the clubhouse, guardhouse, flag pole, and Trading Post. 


A discussion took place regarding the clubhouse rental fee.  Specifically, David reminded the Board that a cleaning fee is built into the cost of the rental.  He cited a 2011 Board meeting where the rental fee was discussed…


Trisha reported that the number of times the clubhouse was being rented was down from previous years, possibly because of the economy. Currently, the rental fee is $1,560 per event, with $500 going toward clubhouse cleaning, and the balance going toward the general fund. Lisa pointed out that in addition to the rental cost, the cost of insuring the event was placed on the party renting the clubhouse. In each rental a security deposit of $600 is collected in the event of damage.


Jim Motioned to keep the rental fee at $1,560, with $500 going toward cleaning, $810 going toward clubhouse maintenance, and $250 going toward clubhouse improvements. Pat seconded and the motion was unanimously passed.


Patrick reiterated a theme he has stated since becoming a Candlewood Isle board member, if there is a repair or beautification project around the Isle that any abled layman volunteer can handle without physical/mental risk, please:


1)  discuss it with Patrick or another board member

2)  get it approved by the Board

3)  save your receipts

4)  do the work with a smile on your face

5)  get reimbursed

6)  then step back, be proud of your efforts and know you made a difference





Mike reported that the camera work and culvert clean up has been completed from what Mike can tell, based on markings made by the vendor.  Mike is awaiting official confirmation and report.  Mike will call the Culvert inspection vendor on Monday and Dave will follow up on Tuesday.  The vendor is supposed to provide video of the culverts as part of their inspection.


Two culverts on Deer Run and one at the intersection of Sunset Trail/Ridge Road must be addressed immediately.  A bid packet must be sent to vendors.


Paving has been completed on Lake Drive South and Ridge Road at a cost of $35,000.  Once the culverts are completed the remaining paving budget can be determined.  However, paving must be completed by November, or will have to wait until the Spring of 2016.


Mike reported that 25 bags of asphalt have been used to patch pot holes.  Mike will continue to patch potholes as needed.


John motioned, and Vivian seconded to accept the Roads report.  The report was accepted without dissent.





John reported that all boats must be removed from both the Clubhouse & Tennis Marinas by Sunday October 18, 2015.  The docks at the Clubhouse and Tennis Court Marinas will be removed on Saturday, October 24, 2015.  Volunteers are welcome.  


Mike motioned to accept the report of the Marina Committee.  Vivian seconded, and the report was accepted without dissent. 




The problems integrating Association Voice with Quick Books have been fixed with the help of Deanna.


There is a plan to start a trial run of the new website with a small group of residents followed by the rollout to the entire community if the trial goes well.




Bob Miller had paid an extra six months worth of taxes and requested a refund.  He questioned why the CI Office could not issue a check immediately.  Dave explained that all checks are now issued upon approval by Nathan and/or David as necessary and processed through our electronic accounting/banking system.  Bob Miller also complained that in his opinion, his tax bill was incorrect and that the CITD should return to a three-part tax bill.


John Cotumaccio noticed Eversource working on the Isle recently, and is pleased with what they have done with trees on Isle property.  John also asked if there are any updates from John McGurk on the Cheneski irrigation situation with respect to the impact it might have on road improvements.  Mike agreed that Tom Cheneski should keep Roads in the loop with any developments.


David expressed the need to remind Nathan and/or Deanna to discuss and document Administration Fees for Programs.




David adjourned the meeting at 11:00 am. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk from notes taken by Terry MacGown.