Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2015

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Board Members/Officers Present: David MacGown, President (by phone);  Kim Cronin, Vice President;  Nathan Archer, Treasurer;  Kevin Kovesci, Clerk;  Patrick Johnson, Maintenance; Gonzalo Santos, Technology.


Board Members/Officers Absent:  Mike Mocarski, Roads; John Glynn, Marina; Vivian Mocarski, Junior Recreation; Tim Larkin, Security.



Public Present:  None




Vice President, Kim Cronin called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.




Patrick motioned to approve the September 19th Board Meeting minutes. Gonzalo seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.




There was no public discussion




Account Balances as of 9/30/15;

Cash on hand - $551,927.61

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $324,403.19

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $168,669.78

Past due first installment 2015-16 - $13,650 

Taxes to be collected from previous years – $38,592

General Fund Balance: $319,002.40


Committee Balances as of 9/30/15:

Junior Rec - $84,687.29

Marina – $49,490.22

Tennis - $6,636.96

Adult Rec – $4,616.56

Bocce - $120

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86

Nathan informed the Board that the 2013-14 Audit is complete.  He will sign and return the Representation Letter and the auditor can proceed with FY2014-15, which should be complete before the next board meeting.  Nathan will request a bound copy of each audit for the records.


Kevin reported that collections on past year’s taxes is ongoing.  Two tax sales are proceeding as planned.  Deanna and the Isle attorney are in the process of reconciling all accounts and Kevin will update the Board on remaining balances in November.


Gonzalo motioned, and Patrick seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Patrick is hoping to get the Marina dock gang to remove diving board and sacrificial “poop” docks from lake and place on beach for the winter season. 


He is speaking with masons about repointing the sea wall and stair rail repair.


Patrick reported that Tucker has removed the swim docks from beach.  Tucker will remove the swim area boundary lines and buoys in the coming weeks.


Gonzalo motioned, and Kevin seconded to accept the Lifeguard/Waterfront report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Vivian presented the following report in advance.


Camp will need to decide between keeping the lunch break during camp hours or getting a State issued camp license. The Committee is reviewing what it will entail to get a camp license and will review lunch area options.


Ambassadors will be interviewing another candidate for the Director position and plan to make the decision by the end of November.


The camp sailboats will not be covered, at the advice of Chatterton.  It was their opinion that it is not worth the expense to cover the boats for the winter, and little to no damage will occur.




Tim presented the following report in advance.


Tim received an email from a resident about a solicitor at his door.  The resident did not feel comfortable with the situation and called the police.  Upon receiving the email, Tim did a loop and asked the guard to do the same.  The solicitor was not found.


Tim reminds residents to inform their contractors that no solicitation is permitted on the Isle.  Furthermore, Tim asks residents to be mindful of their contractor’s credentials.






Patrick expressed many thanks to Gary Lupo for replacing the burnt out exterior clubhouse lights. These lights are operated manually from inside the clubhouse and only have about a 100 hour life, so if left on overnight, the light will quickly burn out.


Patrick is waiting a check from TAD accounting for Addessi Fencing who will be replacing the basketball fence.  Quality Maintenance is in the process of removing debris from around the outside perimeter and installing 2 x 10’s to prevent future debris from compromising the bottom portion of fencing.


Patrick met with Lewis Tree service, contractor for Eversource, aka CL&P, aka First Light. There are issues with some residents regarding Eversource’s tree removal and trimming program.  Kevin wondered why the Board was involved since Eversource has a right of way for the power lines and as a result has the right to remove trees and branches that interfere with the power lines.  Both Patrick and David agreed, but felt the Board could attempt to help the dialogue between residents and Eversource.


The Clubhouse has been cleaned and ready for this weekend’s rental.  Patrick did not hire “The Maids” and did most of the prep himself. 


Patrick needs to purchase two new tarps to act as a curtain for salt shed.


Six new copper caps have been placed on sign posts around Isle.


Patrick is calling for volunteers to do an extensive clean out of clubhouse basement closets this winter. Junior Recreation and Marina have the most supplies and are asked to participate.  Patrick asked for John and Vivian to think of dates that would best suits their respective members..


Patrick is keeping an eye on utility rates and will be negotiating in December for new supplier for electricity.


Jennings is offering a winter lock in price at 10 cents below the rate that is quoted on the day residents call in IF you mention you are a Candlewood Isle resident. 


Kim motioned, and Kevin seconded to accept the Maintenance report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Mike is in the process of reviewing the Culvert and Drain report provided by the vendor who performed an extensive inspection of the Isle drainage system.  While Mike hasn't had a chance to review all of the video, it is clear that a few culverts are a pressing concern and will be repaired in the Spring.  It is now too late in the year to make road repairs.


Once Mike has reviewed the full inspection and video of the culverts, he will come up with a plan for culvert repairs and repaving which will begin in the Spring.  The remaining Roads budget for FY 2015-16 will be utilized in early 2016, before the end of the fiscal year.  Additional funds will be available for more Roads repairs in the summer of 2016 from the FY 2016-17 Roads budget.




All boats must be removed from both the Clubhouse & Tennis Marinas by Sunday 10/18/15.  Docks at the Clubhouse and Tennis Court Marinas will be removed on Saturday 10/24/15.  Volunteers are most welcome.

2016 Marina & Golf Cart applications will go out in January of 2016 with payment due April 1, 2016.  




Gonzalo reported that there remains some issues with the data download for the new website.  He will need to manipulate some of the data.  Once he finishes, he will forward it to Deana, who will upload the data to the new website.


Gonzalo will begin to research the security options available and will report back at the November Board meeting.


Patrick motioned, and Kim seconded to accept the Technology report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




There was no Old/New Business



Kim adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk