Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2015

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Board Members/Officers Present: David MacGown, President;  Kim Cronin, Vice President;  Nathan Archer, Treasurer;  Kevin Kovesci, Clerk; Patrick Johnson, Maintenance;  Mike Mocarski, Roads;  Gonzalo Santos, Technology; John Glynn, Marina; Vivian Mocarski, Junior Recreation.


Board Members/Officers Absent:  Tim Larkin, Security.


Public Present:  Terry MacGown.




President, David MacGown called the meeting to order at 10:00 pm.




Patrick motioned to approve the October 15th Board Meeting minutes.  Gonzalo seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.




There was no public discussion.




Nathan provided the following report in advance:


Account Balances as of 10/31/15;

Cash on hand - $533,870.90

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $331,537.33

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $160,587.00

Past due first installment 2015-16 - $13,649.74

Taxes to be collected from previous years – $38,593.85

General Fund Balance: $250,572.85

Committee Balances as of 10/31/15:

Junior Rec - $84,589.16

Marina – $48,745

Tennis - $6,637

Adult Rec – $4,617

Bocce - $120

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86


Nathan reported that the 2014-15 audit is near completion.  He needs to have an additional call with the auditor before it is finalized, and David asked to be part of the call.


Nathan and David will meet over the Thanksgiving weekend to discuss the 2016-17 budget process.


Kevin reported that collections of past years’ taxes are ongoing.  Two CITD initiated tax foreclosures are ongoing for 16 LDS and 28 Ridge Rd.  Another will be initiated on 33 Ridge.  A bank foreclosure is taking place on 29 Sunset Trail, and should close by the end of the year.  The CITD will be paid at the closing.  The Town of New Fairfield is foreclosing on 11 Fox Run, and the CITD will be paid at the closing. 


In accordance with law, interest on all unpaid balances is accrued at a rate of 18% per annum.  This interest rate applies to current year’s delinquencies as well as the past years’ delinquencies. In the current Fiscal Year, interest collected on past years’ delinquencies total $6,367, and more is expected to be collected in the coming months.  Kevin informed the Board that TAD has offered to add these monthly amounts to all outstanding accounts on a monthly basis.  Nathan will discuss the proposal with TAD.


Kim moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Patrick reported that the Marina Committee was able to pull the diving board dock and the sacrificial poop dock out of the lake and onto the beach.  This saved the hassle of finding an alternative storing location.  He also reported that the eastern most section of the swim dock has been removed this year and stored near the swing set area.  This will prevent winter damage.


Tucker has removed all remaining swimming lines and buoys for the winter. 


Mike moved, and John seconded to accept the Lifeguard/Waterfront report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




The basketball fence will be replaced in the next two weeks.  It will take a week to complete.


Patrick expressed dissatisfaction with service provided by the current Clubhouse cleaning vendor, in particular their cleaning of the Clubhouse after private events.  He will request better service or will look into an alternative to the current service provider.  Patrick also expressed concern that the cost of cleaning of the Clubhouse after private events has been coming from the Maintenance budget in error.  David agreed that the cost should not come from the Maintenance budget, and suggested that Patrick address the issue with Deana and Nathan.


Patrick will see if the Holiday lights are working for the pine tree at the entrance to the Isle.  As the tree gets larger, the cost to re-string the tree becomes more prohibitive.  Even when the tree is re-strung, the wind in that comes across the lake tends to damage the lights shortly after.  Patrick will investigate alternatives or my abandon the Holiday lighting event all together.  Bah Humbug!


John moved, and Kim seconded to accept the Maintenance report.  The report was accepted without dissent.



All docks at the Clubhouse (including the Diving Board and Sea Gull Docks) and Tennis Court Marinas were removed on Saturday 10/24/15.  The docks were especially aligned so that maintenance can be easily performed in the spring of 2016.  Thank you to all the volunteers who helped remove the docks.


The Committee has decided to reapply for additional boat slips through EverSource.  John reported that a meeting has been set up with the appropriate parties, and John believes that the escrow for fees can be reduced from $20,000 to $10,000.  He was confident that the Marina could add 10 slips to the existing Marina by exchanging buoys for slips. 


2016 Marina & Golf Cart applications will go out in January of 2016 with payment due April 1, 2016.  




Gonzalo reported that he is making progress with the website project.  He needed to clean up the Isle’s names database before an accurate list could be uploaded to Association Voice.  He also reported that a credit will be issued by Association Voice for the months we were unable to use their services.


Gonzalo has scheduled a meeting with Tim Larkin and Gary Lupo to discuss the security options available through the new technology.  He will report back at the next meeting.


David expressed concern that the project was taking too long, and expressed further concerns that Association Voice was not capable of providing the level of service we would need.  He explained that the implementation of new technology has been the topic of the last two Spring Packet letters, and asked if it is reasonable to say the website will be up and running in January.  Gonzalo remains confident that Association Voice is the best platform for the Isle and said he will have a beta version available to the Board at least a week before the December meeting.  David requested that Gonzalo “over communicate” the progress to the Board in the coming weeks in an attempt to move the project forward.


Mike motioned to accept the Technology Report.  John seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




Ambassadors interviewed Shannon Larkin for the Director position, and Vivian hopes to have the position filled by the end of November.


The Junior Recreation Ambassadors decided not to apply for a camp license for Camp 2016.  Campers will go home for lunch at noon.  Joan Archer will continue to look into ways to make Camp compliant without licensure. 


Vivian expressed concern for the reporting process for October, and requested Karen separate various items on the report.  Junior Recreation is willing to pay for the extra time this may require.


Once the Committee has a clear picture of what is in the account, they will send out the bonus checks that have been approved by the Ambassadors and will buy the extra items for the Trading Post and Clubhouse, representing Junior Recreation’s gift to the community.


Mike motioned and Kim seconded to accept the report of Junior Recreation.  The motion was passed without dissent.




Tim provided the following report in advance. 


There were no calls this month from residents.


Residents who have security questions or concerns an call Tim, or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Mike has reviewed the culvert and drain report, which informed the Board that 9 culverts are near collapse and must be replaced as soon as possible.  There are two on Deer Run, three on Ridge Road, one on Hemlock one on Sunset and two on Lake Drive South.  Mike is in the process of obtaining bids for the repairs.  David reported that, assuming expenses for winter plowing and sanding are as budgeted, there is $65,000 left in FY 2015-16 roads budget which can be used to make the repairs.  After some discussion, it was a consensus of the Board that the repairs should wait until Spring when paving over the repairs can take place as part of the on-going paving plan.


EverSource is continuing to remove trees that are threats to the power lines. 


Patrick moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Roads report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




There was no Old/New Business.



David adjourned the meeting at 11:28 am. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk 

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