Marina & Golf Carts

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March 31, 2016


Dear Candlewood Isle Boaters & Golf Cart Owners:


The 2016 boating and golf cart season are here.  Attached please find the 2016 Marina and Golf Cart Applications which are due May 15, 2016. This letter will give you a summary of last year and what to expect this year.  


In 2015 the Candlewood Isle Marina Committee (CIMC) completed all the maintenance that needed to be done, i.e., replace anchors, chains, and moorings.  Most importantly the CIMC did so w/out going over budget and managed to have a surplus to get us started in 2016.  Although the year went pretty smoothly there were a few factors that the CIMC couldn’t help but take note of and address which we will get to later in this letter. Also, this past October when the docks were removed, the docks were individually placed separate from each other, instead of stacking them, in order that the Candlewood Isle Marina Committee (CIMC) could evaluate work required on each section & finger individually.  The CIMC identified thirty-two (32) floats that need to be repaired or replaced and we are in the process of addressing the floats now.  The CIMC also evaluated the maintenance needed on the docks and repairs will be completed in time to install docks.  Fortunately, this past winter wasn’t that severe and the Candlewood Isle Marinas at the Clubhouse and Tennis Courts survived the moderate winter of 2015-16.  Of more importance; the CIMC couldn’t help but notice that even though the moorings at Clubhouse Marina were paid for they were mostly vacant.  Furthermore, most of the boats that were on moorings were being seriously compromised by seagulls, w/the exception of a few very innovative people who were able to seagull-proof their boats.  As a result of the vacancies on the moorings the CIMC decided to ask First Light, the company that owns Candlewood Isle, permission to exchange moorings for slips because the Isle has precedence from a prior agreement and that the Candlewood Lake Shoreline Management Plan is much costlier and will take much more time.  That doesn’t mean that the CIMC won’t re-visit adding slips on the Isle where space might accommodate in the future but for now this makes the most sense.


In 2016 the CIMC had every intention of sending out marina applications out in early January 2016 but as a result of our decision; we have no choice but to postpone distribution because we were hopeful that we’d receive permission to do so.  As mentioned above the CIMC has been working continuously with First Light, the Candlewood Lake Authority (CLA), the Department of Environmental Development (DEEP), and the Federal Environmental Regulatory Commission (FERC) to exchange nineteen (19) moorings for boat slips and add “No Wake” buoys at the Clubhouse Marina.  At this point in time it doesn’t look like the CIMC will be able to secure permission to do so but will continue to make every effort possible to continue addressing this endeavor.  The good news is; IF we are successful and get permission to make the exchange we will have a ninety-nine (99) year lease and be able to take our time in planning for new docks, etc.  Also, in the event that the CIMC does receive permission to exchange moorings for boat slips the CIMC firmly believes that the cost of moving forward should also be the responsibility of the people/families on the waiting list & will charge those people/families a fee to do so as soon as permission is granted.  The fee is TBD but will be mandatory.  The CIMC also anticipates either raising fees or charging an assessment to fund new docks to existing occupants in 2017.  The CIMC is confident that those people/families that are current occupants or on the wait list will completely understand this requirement.


Due to the fact that we are waiting for permission to follow our endeavor the CIMC decided to move forward as before with the 2016 season.  The CIMC is happy to inform boaters that there will not be an increase in fees this year and that Marina Fund is in the black.  Marina Applications are due Monday May 16, 2016.  Docks will be installed Saturday May 14, 2016.  


Residents of Candlewood Isle are very fortunate to have the use of these two Marinas & Golf Carts.  At the same time, we are not very fortunate because there is very limited space.  Many residents are aware of the incredible demand for boat slips, moorings, and canoe racks at both the Clubhouse & Tennis Court Marinas.  In fact, the list is more than forty-five (45) people/families deep who would like to have a boat slip.  The Marina Committee is in the process of updating the current wait list and intends to have it posted on the Candlewood Isle website in the near future.


The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master, Marina/Golf Cart Committee, thanks the numerous volunteers who helped out w/the marinas (of which the list is too long to mention and you know who you are).


The Marina Committee will post boat slip assignments/waiting list, mooring assignments/waiting list, canoe rack assignments/waiting lists on the Candlewood Isle web site at You will also be able to download Marina applications off the home page.  If you wish to contact the Harbormaster or Marina Committee for routine requests or to add your name to any of the wait lists, please email John Glynn at


The Marina/Golf Cart Committee requests boat slip, mooring, canoe rack occupants, and golf cart operators to continue to be courteous and consider their fellow neighbors.  Therefore; the best method in doing so is to clearly declare the Candlewood Isle Rules, Regulations, & acknowledgement by signing the attached waiver.


PLEASE NOTE:  Proof of Boat/Vessel ownership and insurance for Boat/Vessel and Golf Carts is mandatory.





John Glynn


Marina Committee Members

Pat Callahan, Tim Larkin, Gary Lupo, Brendan McCollam, Gordon Pascale, Gary Rome