March 2016 Minutes & Notices

Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2016

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Board Members/Officers Present:  David MacGown, President; Kevin Kovesci, Clerk; Patrick Johnson, Maintenance; Mike Mocarski, Roads; Gonzalo Santos, Technology; Tim Larkin, Security; John Glynn, Marina.


Board Members/Officers Absent:  Kim Cronin, Vice President; Nathan Archer, Treasurer; Vivian Mocarski, Junior Recreation.


Public Present:  Terry MacGown.




President, David MacGown called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.




Mike motioned to approve the February 21th Board Meeting minutes. Patrick seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.




There was no public discussion.




In Nathan’s absence, Kevin reported the following account balances:


Account Balances as of 2/28/16;

Cash on hand - $514,932.62

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $479,992.80

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $11,542.26

Taxes to be collected from previous years – $24,940.59

General Fund Balance: $296,743


Committee Balances as of 2/29/16:

Junior Rec - $74,127.86

Marina – $44,498.30

Tennis - $6,636.96

Adult Rec – $4,616.56

Bocce - $120.00

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86

Kevin also reported that collections are going well, and that more than half of the money from previous years’ past due accounts have been collected.  There are only five residents who still owe balances from past years.  Four foreclosures have been initiated, and one of the four has been settled.  A bank foreclosure on Sunset Trail should take place in the next week of two, and that account will be brought current as well.


In total, the amount collected in past year’s taxes and interest on past due accounts is approximately $40,000.  Interest on all outstanding balances is charged at an interest rate of 18% per annum (1.5% of the outstanding balance per month).


David proposed that the office administration budget oversight be placed under the direction of the Director in charge of Technology, since so much of what the office does runs through technology.


All Board members completed their preliminary draft of their respective 2016-17 budgets.  Kevin will oversee the compilation of the Spring Packet and will send it to Karen to send it out.  Residents can receive their packet by email instead of regular mail by sending a request to Karen in the office.  Copies of the request can be found in the Post Office and residents can sign the request and slide it through the door slot of the CITD office.




Patrick reported that the Lifeguard staffing has been completed and he is satisfied with the group of Lifeguards for the summer season.


Pat informed the Board that the Lifeguard pay for a new Lifeguard will be $10.50 per hour; full and part time guard pay ranges from $10.75 to $11.75 per hour; and $14.00 per hour for the Head Lifeguard.  Gonzalo motioned to approve the Lifeguard pay.  John seconded, and the Lifeguard pay was unanimously approved.


Mike moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Lifeguard/Waterfront report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Patrick reported that the Spring Cleanup has been completed.


Patrick informed the Board that the basketball court and public tennis court near the Clubhouse will need to be resurfaced at a cost of $10,400.  It was determined that the work would be completed after the summer season, and that part of the funding could come from the Capital Fund, if other funds were not available.  Terry MacGown suggested that she would approach Junior Recreation to see if the committee would like help with the cost as part of their annual gift to the Community.


Patrick informed the Board that there was an ongoing problem with residents not picking up after their dogs on the tennis court.  Residents are reminded that they must pick up after their dogs on all CITD public spaces.


Patrick believes there are funds available in this year’s budget to plant 5 new trees around the Clubhouse.  David suggested that his mother would be willing to provide advise as to where the trees should be planted.


Kim was not available to discuss new clubhouse furniture, but Patrick will meet with Kim to discuss the needs and will present a plan at the next meeting.  Kevin suggested that excess Clubhouse rental income and the past tax year collection could be used to pay for the new furniture.


Gonzalo pointed out that the sound panels in the clubhouse are in need of repair and/or replacement.  Patrick will look into it.


Mike moved, and John seconded to accept the Maintenance report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Terry reported that the new Director, Shawn Larkin, has been preparing budgets and getting ready for the 2016 Camp.  The bulk of the staff is returning, and new hires will fill in the available positions.


Camp registration through Ultra Camp will open in early April.  


Joan Archer has been selected by Junior Recreation as the proposed Director for the Junior Recreation position on the Board. 


John moved, and Patrick seconded to accept the Junior Recreation report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Tim reported that there were no security calls in the past month.


He informed the Board that the contract with Secure America will expire at the end of the fiscal year.  It was a consensus of the Board that Tim proceed with negotiating a one year renewal of the contract.


Gonzalo reported that he has received three of four estimates to install cameras, a DVR and software to read license plates.  The estimates range from $8,000 to $28,000.  While Gonzalo suggested that this approach was more reactive than proactive, it would serve a purpose in tracking problems, as it would provide a very clear record of who comes and goes on the Isle.


The Board had a considerable discussion regarding a gate system, and in the end it appears that using a gate system becomes more of a logistical impossibility.  Particular problems include visitors, deliveries, Fed Ex, Emergency Vehicle access, New Fairfield road plows (for causeway) and the back-up from unauthorized vehicles looking for beach access in the summer.


David explained that for the last few years, the Board has been looking for ways to spend more money on Roads.  All areas of the budget are as close to the bone as possible.  The only area in the budget that can reduced is in the money spent on security guards.  He agreed that the gate option seems to be a logistical problem, but believed that spending $8,000 could improve the reactive approach to security.  Over the years, the security problems on the Isle have been limited, and eliminating the guards would still provide the same security as almost all other residents of New Fairfield.


It was a consensus of the Board that the Security budget for the 2016-17 year would include security guards for the guard house, minus the expense for beach patrol.  It would include the expense of purchasing the $8,000 in cameras and equipment mentioned by Gonzalo.


In addition, the subject of Security will once again be addressed at the Annual Meeting in May.


Mike motioned to accept the Security Report.  John seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




Mike reported that road sweeping will take place on or about April 15th.


Mike will be filling more potholes in the coming weeks.


Culvert repair is imminent.  Mike informed the Board that the highest priority culverts will be replaced, and paving over those areas will be performed in early May.  Another round of culvert repair and paving will take place over the summer when the new fiscal year begins.


Gonzalo moved, and Patrick seconded to accept the Roads report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




The Marina Committee has had discussions with the Candlewood Lake Authority, First Light, and DEEP to inform pursue our intentions of exchanging moorings for boat slips and sent a map of our intentions. 


The Marina Committee is exploring every option possible in order to avoid great expense to pursue this endeavor.


The 2016 Marina & Golf Cart applications will be sent via email as soon as application is finalized.  They will also be part of the Spring Packet.       The deadline for marina applications is Monday May 16, 2016.


The Marina Committee has identified maintenance needed on docks and is addressing the situation.


The docks will be installed Saturday May 14, 2016 at 8:30am.  Volunteers are most welcome.


The 2016 Candlewood Classic is Friday July 22, 2016 with shot gun start at Candlewood Valley Country Club at 8:30am followed by dinner and entertainment at the CI Clubhouse.


Gonzalo moved, and Patrick seconded to accept the Marina/Golf Cart report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Gonzalo has begun work on the new website which will be hosted through


Patrick motioned to accept the Technology Report.  Tim seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




Kevin reported that Pat Callahan and Gordon Pascal agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee again this year.  Barbara Berliner was suggested as a member of the Committee as well. 


Only the Junior Recreation position will be vacated this year, and the Junior Recreation Committee has recommended Joan Archer to fill the vacancy of Vivian Mocarski, who will leave her position at the end of the current term.


David informed the Board that the coming year would be his last as President.  He expressed how important it is that the Nominating Committee find a replacement in the coming months.  That person can work alongside David this year so they can easily assume the role next year.  There may be additional vacancies to fill after this year, as most of the current Board members have been on the Board since 2013, with some going back to 2011.




David adjourned the meeting at 11:30am. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk