July 2016 Minutes & Notices

Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2016

Trading Post

Board Members/Officers Present:  David MacGown, President; Kim Cronin, Vice President; Nathan Archer, Treasurer; Kevin Kovesci, Clerk; Joan Archer, Junior Recreation; Mike Mocarski, Roads; Gonzalo Santos, Technology; John Glynn, Marina.

Board Members/Officers Absent: Patrick Johnson, Maintenance; Tim Larkin, Security.

Public Present:  Terry MacGown, John McGurk, Tim McDonough, Les Carter, Anne Carter, Barbara Levi-Berliner, Diane Farr, Barbara Hotchkiss


President, David MacGown called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.


Kim motioned to approve the June 18th Board Meeting minutes. John seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.


There was no public discussion.


Account Balances as of 6/30/16;

Cash on hand - $677,734.89

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $481,784.73

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $9,234.63

Taxes to be collected from previous years – $18,998.41 (includes interest)

General Fund Balance: $227,210.04

Committee Balances as of 6/30/16:

Junior Rec - $175,128

Marina – $60,016

Tennis - $8,708

Adult Rec – $2,588

Bocce - $120.00

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86

Nathan reminded residents that their Candlewood Isle Tax bills were due on July 1st.  If payments are not received by August 1st, interest will accrue at a rate of 18% per year, or 1.5% per month.


Nathan reported that the 2015-16 audit will begin when camp has ended in August.  Nathan will also be looking into the allocation of the administrative fees charged to the programs.  Two of the programs have issues with the amount of the administrative fees being charged.

Gonzalo motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  John seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.


No report


No report


Joan reported that the Junior Rec Summer Program is into the third week, which is the halfway mark. To the credit of the new director, Shannon, the program has been running smoothly so far. Overall, a lot of positive feedback has been received from campers, staff, parents and even residents of the community with no affiliation to the program.  However, there is always room for improvement and every day the core ambassadors and directors assess safety, impact on property, and community relations and have been making changes when prudent.

The talent show and awards night will be held on the last day of camp at the Clubhouse on Friday night, Aug. 5, at 6pm.  The show will be limited to two hours for everyone's comfort as it is usually standing room only.

Monday night, July 25, a Family S'mores night will take place at 7pm on the beach. 

Additionally, Candlewood Isle youth apparel is for sale to benefit the program. There are sweatshirts, flannel pants, rash guards and more. The apparel will be for sale at S'mores Night and the order form has been sent out via email to parents. 

Kim moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Junior Recreation report.  The report was accepted without dissent.


The following report was forwarded in advance by Tim.

Tim reported that on July 4th the guards denied access to more than fifty cars.

He received a call from a Lake Drive South resident who had lumber supplies taken from their driveway. The possible perpetrator’s license plates numbers were given to the police and they are investigating. The supplies were close to the resident’s garbage cans.

Tim also received a call about some young people who may be using a resident’s name to gain access to the Isle. Tim reminds residents they should always accompany their guests to the beach.



The Marina Committee is hiring a professional marine architectural surveyor to create a rendering of the new docks proposed to the Candlewood Lake Authority, First Light, and DEEP.  This is being done to assist the Committee’s effort to request an exchange of moorings for boat slips.  The Committee is exploring every option possible to avoid great expense to pursue this endeavor.


John reported that there was a boat accident Wednesday July 13, 2016, and was due to mechanical failure.  Thankfully no injuries occurred, and there was minor damage done to docks.  Divers and professional contractor will evaluate the docks further, and all expenses will be recovered from the boat owner’s insurance company.  David thanked John for his attention given to the accident.


On Saturday 8/20/16 there will be a first ever Marina Party at 5pm.  Enjoy appetizers and beverage of your choice to share on your boat at the Clubhouse Marina.


The docks at both the Clubhouse and Tennis Court Marinas will be removed Saturday October 15, 2016.  All boats must be removed by Thursday October 13, 2016.


Any resident that purchases a Golf Cart after May 16, 2016 must register the Golf Cart ASAP.


The 2016 Candlewood Classic is Friday July 22, 2016 with shot gun start at Candlewood Valley Country Club at 8:30am followed by dinner and entertainment at the Candlewood Isle Clubhouse.


Mike moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Marina/Golf Cart report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Mike reported that the prep work is completed on Laurel Lane, Hemlock, Fox Run and High Trail.  These roads will be double chip sealed in the coming weeks.  The asphalt contractor will return to finish paving a stretch of Lake Drive South near Hemlock in the coming weeks as well.


The second round of culvert repairs will commence shortly.  Repairs will take place on Sunset Trail at the intersection of Ridge, and a long section of Ridge Road will see culvert replacement and paving.


David and Mike will review the expenditures to ensure that the expenses remain within budget.


Mike informed the Board that the annual brush cut back was performed, and he was happy with the results.


Kevin moved, and John seconded to accept the Roads report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Gonzalo met with the security camera vendor and will have a timeline for the installation in the coming week.  He reported that two cameras will be added near the guardhouse, one in the incoming lane, one on the outgoing lane.  The license plate camera, which is relatively new will remain in place.  The cameras on poles near the guard house, specifically those covering the tennis courts will remain in place, and a new camera will be installed to cover the marina near the tennis court. 


Six new cameras will be installed at the Clubhouse.  Two will face the Marina, two will face the beach, one will cover the front of the Clubhouse, and another will cover the basketball court.  The cameras will have the ability to record at night, through rain, fog, and tinted glass.


Two DVRs will be installed, one recording the Clubhouse cameras and the second will record the entrance cameras.  Each DVR will have plenty of storage capacity for long term records.  Gonzalo reported that a feed to the Police Department could easily be provided if the Board wanted to do so.


Joan inquired if there was the possibility to use the cloud for back-up in the event the DVR’s failed, and Gonzalo agreed that it was a valid point and would research the idea.


Gonzalo reported that he was continuing to populate the website with content.  David reminded the Board that this has been a two-year project that needs to see completion soon.


John motioned to accept the Technology Report.  Nathan seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




Aesthetic and neighborhood concerns of residents

Barbara Hotchkiss, representing a group of residents from LDS, spoke of the group’s concern that the Isle was losing its sense of charm because so many residents are becoming careless when it comes maintaining their property.  Specifically, the group was concerned over the number of dumpsters, boat trailers, construction debris and trash cans that are seen on the side of the Isle roadways for months at a time, and longer.


Les Carter felt the Board didn’t communicate their “message” properly.  He does not visit the website, is not available for the annual meeting, and feels he is unaware of what the Board is doing.  He suggested that Board utilize technology used by his housing association in Florida where he can tune his television to a particular channel to find out news and updates from that association.  He suggested the Board look into similar technology for the Isle.


David expressed that he was sympathetic to the group’s concerns about the aesthetic issues, and confirmed that the current ordinances did cover many of the concerns they addressed.  Specifically, Ordinance 3 prohibits parking and/or storage on the roads, road right-of-way and other public places.  John McGurk explained that the right of way is 20 feet from the center of Lake Drive South (40 feet across), and 15 feet from the center of all other roads (30 feet across).


David explained that the Ordinance specifically carves out trash cans from the list of items precluded from presence in the right-of-way, and he is reticent to require people remove their trash cans, particularly when many residents have steep driveways or no driveways at all.


Barbara asked the Board to communicate the ordinance, in plain terms, in the newsletter.  Les felt that a call from the Board to people who violate the ordinance would resolve most of the issues.

The group was also concerned for the lack of notice they received when Lake Drive South was closed for an extended period of time while heavy equipment was brought in to demolish a house.  No one was able to enter of leave their homes while construction equipment was on the road.  Despite the complaints made to the contractor, the same thing happened the next day.  The Board reminds residents who are performing work on their property to not impose on their neighbors unnecessarily, either by blocking access or by leaving construction materials for extended periods of time.


Kim suggested that the group come up with a solution to the unsightly trash can problem.  She suggested that perhaps a contractor could make a standard enclosure, approved by the trash collector, that would hide the trash cans during the week.  Barbara agreed to research a solution.

Joan Archer, Attorney/Board Member

Joan Archer explained that as a resident in the community, she has potential conflicts of interest where her interest as a resident and member of this community will be in conflict with the best legal interests for the community.  As such, she explained that she is happy to provide business advice as a member of the Board, but will not provide legal advice or act as the Tax District attorney.


David adjourned the meeting at 11:10 am. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk