January 2016 Minutes & Notices

Candlewood Isle Tax District

Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2016

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Board Members/Officers Present:  David MacGown, President;  Kim Cronin, Vice President;  Nathan Archer, Treasurer;  Kevin Kovesci, Clerk; Patrick Johnson, Maintenance;  Mike Mocarski, Roads;  Gonzalo Santos, Technology; Tim Larkin, Security; Vivian Mocarski, Junior Recreation.


Board Members/Officers Absent:  John Glynn, Marina


Public Present:  Terry MacGown




President, David MacGown called the meeting to order at 10:05 am.




Mike motioned to approve the December 13th Board Meeting minutes. Patrick seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.




There was no public discussion.




Patrick reported that he will have a better idea about which lifeguards will be returning for the Summer 2016 season at the February Board meeting.


David reminded Patrick that the lifeguard rates of pay must be published before season begins.


Mike moved, and Kim seconded to accept the Lifeguard/Waterfront report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




Patrick informed the Board that there was an ongoing issue with Clubhouse cleaning following Isle events. An email was sent to all groups who use the Clubhouse, and he hopes the problem will be resolved.


Patrick respectfully requests that the person responsible for knocking over the stone column at the Clubhouse step forward to accept responsibility for its repair.

Kevin commented on the new basketball fence, and thanked Patrick for resolving the hazardous condition.


Mike moved, and Kim seconded to accept the Maintenance report.  The report was accepted without dissent.





Account Balances as of 12/31/15;

Cash on hand - $450,821.11

Tax collections FY 2015-16 - $337,450.83

2015-16 taxes to be collected - $154,673.50

Past due first installment 2015-16 - $11,870.06

Taxes to be collected from previous years – $34,891.22

General Fund Balance: $191,805.31


Committee Balances as of 12/31/16:

Junior Rec - $74,475.55

Marina – $46,208.30

Tennis - $6,636.96

Adult Rec – $4,616.56

Bocce - $120.00

Capital Improvements – $74,127.86


Nathan reported that he and David had a conversation with the Auditor, who was impressed by the Isle’s financial processes, particularly with the bill approval process.  The Auditor informed Nathan and David that each year there will be a special focus on a select program to ensure generally accepted accounting principles are being observed.


Nathan will be looking into the possibility of contracting with the Town of New Fairfield to handle the billing of the CITD taxes. 


Deanna would like to move our payroll process that she has been using with other organizations.   While there may be an upfront cost associated with getting it up and running, there would be significant savings in the long run.  David also suggested that this move would easier and more accurate for auditing purposes.  It was the consensus of the Board to have Deanna take over the process immediately so that it is in place for the Lifeguards and Camp.


David asked Nathan to have Deanna transfer the admin fees from each program into the General Fund.

Mike moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The report was accepted without dissent.



Shannon Larkin is the new director for camp 2016.  The dates for Camp are: June 27 – August 5; no camp on Monday, July 4th.  Tots hours: 9-12:00pm, General Camp hours: 9-TBD (with one hour lunch).

The first Ambassadors meeting of the year took place after the Board Meeting.

Registration fees for Camp 2016 will be increased as a result of the requirement to add a one hour break for lunch.  The Tots program will be extended until 12:00pm and the General program will be extended (hours TBD). Junior Recreation will be sending out information about the registration fees and sign up in March 2016.

There is no plan to add any new Sponsored campers for Camp 2016, but the Committee will continue to monitor the registrations.


Mike moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Junior Recreation report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




There were no security calls in the last month. 


Tim reported that the DVR and cameras located at the Clubhouse are not working.  As a result he was unable to determine who knocked over the stone column at the Clubhouse.


Mike motioned to accept the Security Report.  Gonzalo seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




Mike reported that he will continue to inspect the roads for potholes and will have any problems resolved quickly.


Mike does not have any additional estimates from road vendors, but will have more information at the February meeting.  David offered his assistance to speak with the vendors.


Patrick moved, and Gonzalo seconded to accept the Roads report.  The report was accepted without dissent.




As reported at the December Board meeting, Members of the Marina Committee had a meeting with First Light to propose exchanging moorings for boat slips and adding a “No Wake” mooring. Since the meeting, Marina Committee members have been directed by First Light to contact the Candlewood Lake Authority and DEP to inform them of the tax district’s intentions.  The Marina Committee is waiting for responses from CLA & DEP.


The 2016 Marina & Golf Cart applications will go out in January of 2016.  Payments for both are due April 1, 2016.




Gonzalo reported that he looked into several alternatives to Association Voice, and recommends Square Space as the latest solution to satisfy the Isle’s technology needs.  Unfortunately, this solution does not integrate bill.com with the system, so bill paying will have to be done via a link to the bill.com website. 


David asked if there was integration with the current email server.  Gonzalo reported that it did not.

David explained that the Board was hoping for a closed system that would integrate billing, email, and security while providing a website to post notices and meeting minutes as well as newsletter and message board capabilities.  Gonzalo explained that there was no current provider that could provide all of these integrated capabilities, and that there way no easier way to satisfy the Isle’s needs.


David explained by the next meeting, the Board had to have a security recommendation ready to present to the residents for the Spring Packet, and subsequent Annual Meeting.  If a recommendation was not ready, the Board would not be presenting a security change in the 2016-17 fiscal year.  Therefore, Gonzalo, Tim and Gary Lupo have to meet to come up with three recommended security alternatives (minimum security, a middle alternative that includes software for temporary passes, and a third alternative that includes door locks and security for the buildings).


David also asked Tim and Gonzalo to look into alternatives for the Clubhouse cameras and DVR, where a cloud alternative could replace the DVR.


Mike motioned to accept the Technology Report.  Patrick seconded and the report was accepted without dissent.




David reminded the Board members that the Spring Packet is just around the corner. The packet needs to be sent in April, with the goal of the first week of April.  By the next meeting, Board members are asked to come to the meeting with a good idea of their respective budget needs.




David adjourned the meeting at 11:00am. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Kovesci, Clerk