Contacts & Payments

Candlewood isle tax district

2 Lake Drive North, New Fairfield, CT 06812




PO Box 380
New Fairfield, CT 06812

(203) 746-0220 or  

Hours: Monday and Thursday 12:30-2:30


Tax & Fee Payments

Mail payments to:

Candlewood Isle Tax District

PO Box 380 CI
New Fairfield, CT 06812


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For questions call or email:  (203) 746-0220 or


Directory Advertising Payments

2018 Pricing

Full Page $150

Half Page $75

Quarter Page $45

Business Card $30


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For questions regarding the Directory email:


Isle Locations


Post Office  (203) 746-1432   Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30-1:30 ( subject to change )


Guard House  (203) 746-2130


Clubhouse  (203) 746-2219


Board of Directors 

Board of Directors - all board members -

President - Dave MacGown -

Vice President - Kim Cronin -

Treasurer - Nathan Archer -

Clerk - Kevin Kovesci -

Security - Tim Larkin -

Roads - Mike Mocarski -

Maintenance & Waterfront - Pat Johnson -

Technology - Ruviano Martinez -

Junior Youth Program - Joan Archer -

Marina & Golf Carts - John Glynn -


Staff & Activities

Office Manager - Karen Hanley -

Adult Recreation - Vivian Mocarski -

Clubhouse Rentals - Cathy Ashe -  

Newsletter - Aimee Suhie -

Tennis Program - Pat & Andrea Callahan -

Bocce - Tim Larkin -

Directory - Christine LoGiudice -

Website Administrator - Kristin Hart -

Nominating - Andy Butorac, Gordon Pascale, Barbara Berliner

Summer Youth Program Ambassadors - Terry MacGown, Nancy Walsh, Veronica Rubio, Patrick Johnson, Maureen McKenna, Andrea Callahan, Monica Santos, April Forte, Christine Castellano, Erin & Brendan McCollam, Susan Presti, Danyelle Connors, April Forte, Jen Rowell, Christine Logiudice, Suzie Brandt, Allison Mooney, Lisa Alagha, Amita Schultes

Marina & Golf Cart - John Glynn, Tim Larkin, Gary Lupo, Brendan McCollam, Gordon Pascale, Gary Rome

Isle Beautification - Kathy & Tim Ohsann, Barbara Hotchkiss, Katherine & Andrew Weber

Bocce - Tim Larkin, Noemi Morgante


Association & Committee Members

Candlewood Isle Association Board - John McGurk - President, Tom Russano - Vice President,  Andrea Callahan - Treasurer, Jeff Berman, J P Cheneski, Steve Levenherz, Allison Mooney, Melissa Stewart

The Candlewood Isle Association is a Connecticut corporation which owns the clubhouse, post office, roads and open space on Candlewood Isle.  Each real property owner on the isle is a shareholder and has one vote for each owned property.  Since the Candlewood Isle Tax District (equivalent to a Homeowners Association) is precluded from owning property, the Candlewood Isle Association leases all its property to the Tax District, thus avoiding this restriction.  Therefore, anything related to the legal status of the isle owned property (title, encumbrances, easements, rights of way, use) are the responsibility of Candlewood Isle Association.  It holds its annual meeting the same day as the Tax District.